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Multi-functional optical imaging system” (다기능성 광학 이미징 시스템)

Fluorescence microscope with wide-field/TIRF/STORM imaging capabilities. Equipment sharing plan will be posted once the system is up and running. Currently, we are building the microscope system. For any inquiry, please contact Jeongmin Kim (, (+82) 31-888-9082).

  • Microscope platform: Nikon’s Ti2-E
    – Inverted configuration
    – Motorized XY stage
    – Universal sample holder
    – Z axis: 20 nm motion resolution (closed-loop) with perfect focus system (PFS)
  • Laser lines: 405 nm, 488 nm, 560 nm, 642 nm
  • Illumination: Epi, TIRF, dirty-TIRF
  • Objectives:
    – 100x/1.45 oil (CFI Plan Apo Lambda 100X oil)
    – 100x/1.49 oil (CFI SR HP Apo TIRF 100XC oil)
    – 100x/1.35 Silicone oil (CFI SR HP Plan Apo Lambda S 100XC Sil)
    – 60x/1.27 water (CFI SR Plan Apo IR 60XC WI)
    – 20x/0.75 (CFI Plan Apo Lambda 20X)
  • Detector: Andor’s iXon Ultra 888 EMCCD camera, Andor’s Sona 4.2B-6 sCMOS camera
  • Image acquisition: Nikon’s NIS-Elements AR (for wide-field and TIRF modes) and Home-built software (for STORM)
  • Location: SNU GSCST Building D (room: B106)
  • Further details will be updated when available…


High-end cameras

Optical modulators

  • AOTF: CA 2.5 mm, 400-650 nm, 55-110 MHz (97-03151-01, G&H)
  • SLM: Reflective LCOS (phase only), 1920×1080 pixels, PLUTO-2-VIS-096, Holoeye Photonics AG)

Microscope objective lens

  • 100x/1.45, oil immersion (Nikon CFI Plan Apo Lambda 100x oil)
  • 100x/1.49 TIRF, oil immersion (Nikon CFI SR HP Apo TIRF 100xc oil)
  • 100x/1.35, silicone oil immersion (Nikon CFI SR HP Plan Apo Lambda S 100xc sil)
  • 60x/1.27, water immersion (Nikon CFI SR Plan Apo IR 60xc WI)
  • 100x/1.4 (inf/0.17), Olympus UPLSAPO100XO
  • 50x/0.95 (inf/0), Olympus MPlanApo50x


  • Hand-held refractometer (Atago, PAL-RI)
  • Optical Microscopy Educational Kit (EDU-OMC1/M, Thorlabs)