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Multi-functional optical imaging system (다기능성 광학 이미징 시스템): STORM & TIRF

  • 이미징 모드: 광시야 형광 / TIRF / STORM
  • 장비 위치: 서울대 융합과학기술대학원(광교) D동 B106호
  • 장비 사용 문의: 김정민 (, (+82) 31-888-9082)
    – 공용 장비 운용(2021년 4월부터 예정): 사용료 (안내 예정)
  • Microscope platform: Nikon’s Ti2-E
  • Laser lines: 405 nm, 488 nm, 560 nm, 642 nm
  • Objectives: 100x/1.45 (oil), 100x/1.49 (oil, TIRF), 100x/1.35 (silicone oil), 60x/1.27 water, 20x/0.75
  • Cameras: Andor’s EMCCD (iXon Ultra 888) and sCMOS (Sona 4.2B-6)
  • Image acquisition: NIS-Elements AR and Home-built software


High-end cameras

Optical modulators

  • AOTF: CA 2.5 mm, 400-650 nm, 55-110 MHz (97-03151-01, G&H)
  • SLM: Reflective LCOS (phase only), 1920×1080 pixels, PLUTO-2-VIS-096, Holoeye Photonics AG)

Microscope objective lens

High-end objectives!
  • 100x/1.45, oil immersion (Nikon CFI Plan Apo Lambda 100x oil)
  • 100x/1.49 TIRF, oil immersion (Nikon CFI SR HP Apo TIRF 100xc oil)
  • 100x/1.35, silicone oil immersion (Nikon CFI SR HP Plan Apo Lambda S 100xc sil)
  • 60x/1.27, water immersion (Nikon CFI SR Plan Apo IR 60xc WI)
  • 100x/1.45 (inf/0.17), Olympus UPLXAPO100XO (to be added)
  • 100x/1.4 (inf/0.17), Olympus UPLSAPO100XO
  • 50x/0.95 (inf/0), Olympus MPlanApo50x
  • 20x/0.75 (inf/0.17), Nikon CFI Plan Apo Lambda
  • 20x/0.40 (inf/0), Olympus LMPlanFl


  • Hand-held refractometer (Atago, PAL-RI)
  • Optical Microscopy Educational Kit (EDU-OMC1/M, Thorlabs)