[OPENING] We have openings for graduate students: MS, MS/PhD combined, and PhD programs starting at the 2021 Spring semester. Currently we are seeking highly motivated students interested in (1) cell biology, (2) biophysics, (3) optical imaging, or (4) computational imaging (with deep learning). We prefer candidates with a solid background in one or more of the following fields: biology, optics, physics, computer science, and engineering (EE, BME, ME, or similar fields). If interested in joining our lab, please email Jeongmin Kim (jeomik@snu.ac.kr) with your CV attached. We also welcome undergraduate and visiting students/scholars. There is currently no position for postdoctoral researchers.

[대학원생 모집 공고] 2021학년도 전기 대학원생 원서 모집이 10/5-10/8에 있습니다 (자세한 모집요강은 대학원 홈페이지에 안내). 저희 연구실은 광학 이미징 기술을 첨단화하여 생물학/의학 분야의 새로운 연구에 이용하고자 합니다. 금번 모집에서는 세포 생물학, 생물 물리, 광학 이미징, 전산 이미징 등의 연구에 관심 있는 분을 찾습니다 (석사과정 1명, 석박사통합과정 2명, 박사과정 2명). 해당 분야 전공자가 아니더라도 연구에 대한 의지와 열정이 있다면 지원해보십시오! 지원 전에 김정민 교수에게 상담 받으시길 추천드립니다.^^ 입학 및 연구실 관련 기타 문의도 환영합니다!


Sep 1, 2020 Youngseop joined our lab as a graduate student. Welcome aboard! 🙂
Aug 21, 2020 Prof. Kim’s 9-years research proposal was selected in the Creative-Pioneering Researchers Program (창의선도 신진연구자 지원사업) from Seoul National University! We are excited to develop advanced optical microscopy methods combined with artificial intelligence.
June 22, 2020Our grad school won an NCIRF fund (서울대학교 기초과학공동기기원) for “multi-functional optical imaging system”, a fluorescence microscope capable of wide-field/TIRF/STORM imaging. Our lab is leading to build/manage this shared equipment. Stay tuned for more updates in Resource!
May 25, 2020We won one-year funding from NRF’s (Individual) General Research Program (한국연구재단, (개인) 기본연구).
April 1, 2020The New Faculty Startup Fund was received from Seoul National University (서울대학교 신임교수 연구정착금)
March 1, 2020Bioimaging and Biophotonics Lab opened at SNU GSCST!