[OPENING] We have openings for graduate students: MS, MS/PhD integrated, and PhD programs starting at the 2021 Spring semester. Currently we are seeking highly motivated students interested in cell biology, optical imaging (theory or experiment), or computational imaging (deep learning) and with a solid background preferably in one of the following fields: biology, optics, physics, computer science, and engineering (EE, BME, ME, or similar fields). Our research is highly interdisciplinary. If interested in joining our lab, please email Jeongmin Kim (jeomik@snu.ac.kr) with your CV attached. We also welcome undergraduate and visiting students/scholars. There are no positions for postdoctoral researchers at this time.


(June 22, 2020) Our grad school won an NCIRF fund (서울대학교 기초과학공동기기원) for “multi-functional optical imaging system”, a fluorescence microscope with wide-field/TIRF/STORM imaging capabilities. Our lab is leading to build/manage this shared equipment. Stay tuned for more updates!

(May 25, 2020) We won a one-year funding from NRF’s (Individual) General Research Program (한국연구재단, (개인) 기본연구).

(April 1, 2020) Research funding from Seoul National University (서울대학교 신임교수 연구정착금)

(March 1, 2020) Bioimaging and Biophotonics Lab opened at SNU GSCST!